Recover in Your Own Home with Home Medical Equipment

There really is no place like home. While Louisville hospitals provide state of the art medical care, home is a place of peace, relief, and love. For the ill, elderly, or disabled, being at home gives them the most comfortable recovery possible. At Discount Medical Supplies, our services are designed to provide home health care supplies to meet your needs by offering a wide range of medical equipment, products, and services in the convenience

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Home Health Care: 6 Tips to Make Caregiving Easier

If you have an aging parent, a spouse that is ill, or a disabled child, you’ve had sleepless nights, anxious days, and endless hours worrying about their care. Caregiving is highly stressful and it brings uncertainty, worry, doubts. While home health care can be taxing, it can also be a very rewarding experience. Many caregivers report that caring for a loved one is a beautiful process. It produces pride in themselves, strengthens familial relationships, and

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