Compression Garments

Compression therapy is a simple and effective way to maximize blood flow activity in the body.

Compression garments like stockings, socks, or sleeves are tight-fitting elastic material that serves a replicated muscle to add pressure to areas of the body. This additional pressure allows veins to loosen up, increase blood flow, and reduce pain.

These garments are often used as a part of wound care following surgery. They can also be used everyday by those who suffer from chronic venous disease, blood clots, spider veins, or by patients who are immobile and have issues circulating blood effectively on their own.

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Compression garments have been said to be the most important tool in the treatment of venous disorders and lymphedema.

Discount Medical Supplies provides compression garments in several different forms such as stockings, sleeves, and socks that come in varying degrees of compression and style.


Commonly referred to as TED stockings, stockings are intended for patients who are not walking well on their own following surgery. It encourages healthy blood flow throughout the constricted area.

Once the patient is more mobile, they can move to graduated compression hosiery. Leg compressions can be a very effective method of managing leg ulcers and edema.

The classes of compression stockings include three levels of compression and vary in size according to leg measurements.


Similar to the stockings, compression socks are used to help regulate blood flow. This is helpful for recovering from a surgery or simply helping keep the constricted area flowing smoothly.

Compression socks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and degrees of compression. Every patient can find exactly the right sock for their comfort level and medical requirements.


Arm sleeves are similar to compression socks and TED stockings, but deliver compression in a slightly different way.

When a patient has decreasing mobility or deteriorating muscles, it becomes more difficult for the blood to flow throughout the body and back to the heart. In arm sleeve compression therapy, the greatest compression begins at the wrist and decreases up the arm.

In order to experience the advantages of compression therapy, it is important to find the right products for you.

Compression garments should be tight, but not constrict movement. They should be comfortable enough to encourage movement and reduce pain.

The products provided by Discount Medical Supplies in Louisville, KY are designed to fit you perfectly and are easy enough to put on yourself. Our goal is to provide the proper support and pain relief you need while maintaining your independence.

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If you or a family member needs medical compression garments, browse Discount Medical Supplies extensive selection of compression garments for a wide range of applications.

We provide professional quality compression socks and sleeves delivered from our Louisville, KY store straight to your door. If you’re not sure what products will work best, give us a call and we can help you find exactly what you need.