Foot Care Products

Many of us take our feet for granted as they carry us throughout the day.

For those suffering from neuropathy in association with diabetes, nerve pain, numbness, and infection are serious concerns.

Diabetic shoes, diabetic socks, and other foot care essentials are a good way to take care of your feet.

Discount Medical Supplies in Louisville, KY provides the same quality medical supplies you’ll find at the local hospitals and the same brands recommended by your doctor.

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Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic shoes are engineered specifically for those suffering from neuropathy. These shoes have unique features you can’t find in any other shoe.

Diabetic shoes are created differently than other shoes. From the construction to the materials, they provide comfort and protection and improved mobility.

People living with diabetes are prone to foot injuries because of nerve damage that prohibits them from feeling the pain of cracks, sores, and foot injuries. This causes skin ulcers, infections, calluses, and can lead to serious foot issues.

At Discount Medical Supplies, our diabetic footwear, including shoes and socks, is designed to avoid injuries and prevent complications that could turn critical.

Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks are not compression socks, nor are they regular cotton socks. They are specially designed with three main goals in mind:

  1. Reduce pressure
  2. Prevent blisters
  3. Reduce infection

These three areas are critical to providing protection and comfort for those living with diabetic nerve pain. They are created without any binding or elastic because of swelling tendencies. They also have a seamless design to minimize friction and pain. These are a necessity for proper foot care.

As diabetes could raise the blood sugar level, it could also increase the risk of foot ulcers, which is why any diabetic socks from Discount Medical Supplies are focused on not restricting the blood circulation.

Our socks also come with moisture control which is excellent to reduce infection risks.

Foot Wound Care

When injuries or foot wounds occur, taking care of them can be tricky because nerve damage, irritation, and swelling can make it difficult to overcome.

Orthopedic supplies like foot supports, insoles, and inserts are helpful for nursing and rehabilitation.

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Discount Medical Supplies provides the same level of professional foot wound care found in hospitals and podiatrist offices in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas, delivered straight to your door.

If you or a family member is suffering from diabetes, adequate foot care can make all the difference.

Diabetic socks and shoes can also be helpful to those who are pregnant with gestational diabetes, suffering from deep vein thrombosis, or nerve damage conditions.

Give us a call or browse our selection online to find the diabetic shoes and foot care that can provide the relief you are looking for.