Nothing feels better than hitting the pillow after a long day, but for many medical patients, basic bedding pillows might not be enough.

Discount Medical Supplies in Louisville, KY provides medical pillows, wedges, and support cushions to provide comfort, relieve pain, and alleviate bed sores.

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Medical pillows and bed accessories offer specialized care exactly where patients need it most. Depending on the size and shape of the padding, they can be used to support head, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, and keep the body supported while alleviating tension, stress, and pressure.

Whether you or a loved one is recovering from surgery, living with a chronic illness, or having trouble sleeping, a medical pillow can be the trick to regaining health. Giving your body time to rest is critical for recovery.

Types of Support Pillows

Pillows help you feel cozy and relaxed, but medical pillows assist with preventing several conditions while keeping patients comfortable. The most commonly used medical pillows are support wedges, medical seat cushions, and specialty support pillows.

Support Wedges

A support wedge can be used to keep a patient upright, help with breathing, and support the head, neck, and shoulders.

A bed wedge can also be placed under the knees to keep feet and legs elevated or under the pelvis to keep the spine in a neutral position and decrease pain.

Medical Seat Cushions

Cushions can prevent sores for those who are bedridden or lay a lot. They are designed to establish comfort and assist with achieving restful sleep.Medical cushions can also be used in wheelchairs to promote good posture while providing stabilization and pressure relief.

Specialty Support Pillows

Specialty support pillows provide unique support exactly where you need it most. Support cushions are designed to be used in any type of chair or sofa in your home.

Medical cushions or supports with cut-outs in different places are particularly useful when sitting in a normal chair can cause pain due to recent surgery or medical condition.

Some support cushions may be in the shape of a D-roll, ring, knee separator, U-shape, or lumbar roll.

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Providing the right type of cushion support is important to us at Discount Medical Supplies.

We work with local Louisville residents and patients who are looking for professional-grade supplies delivered straight to your door.

To find the perfect bed wedge, body cushion, or support pillow for your individual needs, contact us and we can point you toward the best medical pillows for you!