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Wound Treatment

As the largest organ of the human body, the skin carries a lot of responsibility in your health.

Most notably, it is responsible for protecting all of your internal organs and functions. It provides a barrier between yourself and the environment you live in. It is also responsible for regulating your temperature, enhancing sensations, produce vitamins and more.

Because of the heavy load your skin carries, it needs specialized wound care when it is compromised.

Wound care supplies are a critical part of properly caring for open wounds, skin cuts, skin abrasions and more.

These are crucial to promoting a prompt healing. When not treated properly, an open wound runs the risk of infection.

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The best way to prevent infection is preparedness. Start by gathering all the wound care products you need to provide an efficient first aid response to a surprise open wound. It is smart to also have the tools necessary for continuous wound care.

Post-Surgery Wound Care

When you return from the hospital after surgery, you will be given a few bandages. These may not last through the extent of your recovery.

Discount Medical Supplies provides the same quality products you’ll find in any Louisville hospital delivered right to your home.

Our dressings are designed to protect wounds from infection and keep patients comfortable during recovery.

Gauze, tape, and special post-surgery wound care bandages are especially used for dressing areas where other fabrics and materials could stick, making it harder and more painful for the patient to change dressings.

The translucent fabric on our gauze supplies let air reach the wound, while still protecting it from infection risk factors.

Everyday First Aid Products

Small bandage items are an essential part of any Louisville home first aid kit. Keep a good supply of bandages, gauze, dressings, and other wound care supplies in your home at all times.

If you have children or older patients, be sure to get the size and type of wound care they will use most often.

Ostomy Supplies

Conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Bowel Obstruction, and others may result in the need for Ostomy supplies. These conditions are the most common reason for Ostomy needs.

Living with these conditions is difficult at first, but the essential pouches and supplies help you quickly adapt to life with these illnesses.

It’s not just for illnesses. Injuries may also result in the need for Ostomy bags. Thousands of people around the world lead normal and healthy lives, even if they have an ostomy of any type.

Discount Medical Supplies provides ostomy products that are comfortable, easy to use, and come in all types and sizes.

Orthopedic Supplies

Your body has hundreds of muscles, bones, and joints. Take care of them with high-quality orthopedic supplies available right here in Louisville, KY.

When just one part of your body is affected by injury or medical condition, your whole body can suffer.

Our orthopedic supplies are the same quality and standard available in Louisville medical offices and hospitals, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best products to protect your body from Discount Medical Supplies.

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We offer all the specialized wound care and ostomy products you need for taking care of your body from head to toe. Browse online or visit our store to find exactly the right products for you and your family.