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Incontinence Supplies

A leaky bladder doesn’t have to be a big deal.

Millions of Americans suffer from incontinence, including many right here in Louisville.

Both urinary and bowel incontinence can require some lifestyle changes, but there are plenty of simple ways to manage these conditions, including being prepared for accidents when they happen.

We carry adult diapers, clean-up supplies, and other incontinent supplies at the most affordable prices.

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Adult Diapers

For active adults in Louisville that suffer from urinary or bowel incontinence, adult diapers give them the protection they need to manage their symptoms.

Discount Medical Supplies provides protective underwear to keep skin dry and safe without compromising dignity.

They are discreet, quiet, and very comfortable. Many customers wear overnight briefs during the day as well for extra protection.

They have refastenable tape or velcro-style tabs which allow for less leakage from the legs than pull-on disposable underwear, especially for those with thinner legs.

Adult diapers allow both the patient and the caregiver to sleep through night with peace of mind.

Reusable Briefs

We also offer washable underwear options that give patients protection while maintaining the pride of using and wearing regular underwear.

Washable briefs provide extra padding for absorption with moisture wicking abilities to keep you dry all day long. These briefs also come with odor protection technology to avoid embarrassing accidents.

Simply wash them with your regular laundry and enjoy the best combination of protection and confidence.

Disposable Underpads

Underpads provide protection for your bed and furniture in the case of chance accidents.

Discount Medical Supplies in Louisville provides fast wicking technology that provides exceptional dryness and comfort with odor-capturing technology to lock odors into the core to keep both the patient and the room as fresh as a daisy.

There are several different sizes to accommodate any situation with heavy-duty material that is soft and comfortable to the touch.

Incontinence can be a difficult process for both patients and caregivers. It can be unpredictable and cause patients and caregivers undue stress.

Having adequate supplies on hand makes accidents manageable and provides solutions for any situation.

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In addition to adult diapers, Louisville’s Discount Medical Supplies also provides booster pads, diaper disposal bags, and skin protection products to use during day to day activities.

Browse our selection of incontinence products online, visit our store, or give us a call to find the right products for you.