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1” x 2-1/2” x 3-3/4”, Dual Channel, 3 Modes, 9 Volt Battery, Microprocessor Technology
The TENS 3000™ analog unit uses a microprocessor, which gives exact dial performance. Benefits includes maximum full strength power of 80 mA. The TENS 3000™ is as accurate as a digital unit, yet easy to operate. The safety amplitude cap protects the amplitude knobs from accidental bumps or knob movements. System includes device, (2) pair lead wires, (4) self-adhesive reusable electrodes, 9V battery, hard plastic carrying case and instruction manual.
Power Source: 9-volt battery. Modes: Standard, modulate and burst. Timer: 30 and 60 minutes or continuous. Pulse width: 50 to 250 microseconds, adjustable. Pulse rate: 2 to 150 Hz. Pulse amplitude: 0 to 80 mA each channel. Waveform: Asymmetrical biphasic square pulse. One-year warranty.



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